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ELC’s unique system allows students to tailor their course to their individual needs and interests. Choose your major study program according to your goals; Special Focus Modules according to your needs and take any optional English Extras classes which interest you.

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Major Courses
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English Extras
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Major Courses
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Major Courses 

There are four main course types for you to choose from depending on your main purpose in learning English. However, if you want to switch courses once you’re studying with us, you usually can, providing you have the right level.

Special Focus Modules  

These classes focus on your areas of special need or interest. You can take each module for between 4 and 12 weeks. Choose your class when you start at ELC and change every 4 weeks if you wish.

English Extras  

We offer a great range of workshops, activities and classes for 1 hour each day for all full-time day students. These classes give you the chance to personalize your course, choosing the classes that you need or which interest you the most.

Course level guidelines

course level guidelines


Day classes: Our day classes are our most popular option for students enrolling from overseas. They offer full immersion and the chance to engage with other students throughout the day, to have full access to school services and to participate in our English Extras classes. Depending on your level you will follow one of the following day timetables:
Mon-Thu: 8.00am-2.45pm 8.30am-3.30pm 9.15am-4.00pm
Fri: Choice of optional classes from English Extra classes.
All classes have one hour for lunch and two short breaks.

Evening classes: Evening classes are a popular choice with students who are working during the day. Our city centre location, directly opposite the train station, makes it easy for students to travel between work and school.
Mon-Fri 5.00pm-9.20pm (with one 20-minute break)

For information on our 2020 course timetable, please click here.


Included in all courses

  • Coursebook
  • Weekly progress tests
  • Tutorials
  • Certificate of completion and record of level

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