01 March ELC News

ELC remains Risk Rating 1!

ELC remains Risk Rating 1!

Did you know that ELC is currently one of the very few English language schools in Sydney to be ranked as an “Evidence Level 1” school? (formerly known as “Risk Rating” 1)

Today we are very excited to announce that we will keep this status until 01/09/2019 at least!

Since July 2016, the new SSVF System (Simplified Student Visa Framework) determines the level of supporting documents a student visa applicant needs to provide based on 2 factors:

1. A risk rating assigned to their country of origin

2. A risk rating assigned to their chosen school

These risk ratings are calculated and assigned by the Department of Home Affairs following a number of factors relating to overall student visa applications outcomes.

Since the introduction of this new system, ELC has quite consistently maintained the top ranking of level 1! This excellent and highly sought after ranking reflects on both the quality of the school, the genuine intention of our students to follow a serious curriculum as well as the quality of work our carefully selected education agents put into each student visa application.