New timetables for 2020!

New timetables for 2020!

We are excited to present our new timetable for 2020: designed to create more flexibility and better learning outcomes for the students here at ELC!

The ELC quality and the content of programs remains the same but with our new timetable, our Major Courses and Special Focus Modules will be taught Monday to Thursday and our English Extras will be offered on Fridays.

Our new timetable allows student visa holders to complete their compulsory 20 hours of study in just four days per week, while continuing to offer up to 25 hours of tuition per week for all of our day time students.

English Extras Made Better!

Having English Extra classes on Fridays means we can offer longer and more specialised workshops. Our academic team has put together some very exciting options such as workplace English skills, full practice exams for our exam-based courses as well as continuing to give students a choice of our most popular extra classes and some great new ones for 2020!

We are excited to offer more flexibility and greater learning options for our students!

The new timetable will be implemented from Monday 6 January 2020. Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information!

Our new brochure is available here.