Sharon Alexandra Keller


My Homestay mother achieved giving me a feeling of being welcome & home right from the first day of my stay here... which gave me a real insight in the Aussie life.

I attended the Cambridge Advanced course and soon I realised that it was exactly the right choice for me. Although it was intensive, the studying was fun as our teacher managed to teach with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm. This course really helped me improve my English in a short time which is why I never want to miss this experience.

Besides Sydney is an amazing city and has a lot to offer for leisure activities. I loved strolling around the Darling Harbour which was only 5 minutes from ELC away and to enjoy the gorgeous beaches Bondi & Manly at weekend. I participated in many sightseeing & social events organised by ELC, which gave me a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to explore the city. People are very friendly here and willing to help you whenever they can.

I really appreciated living in Homestay as I lived with a wonderful woman who showed me the “Aussie” aspects of life here and gave me the feeling of being home.

Currently I´m in Homestay and I will leave soon to start traveling. Therefore it´s important for me to give you a feedback. I would have never dared to get such a nice Homestay - thank you! My Homestay mother achieved giving me a feeling of being welcome & home right from the first day of my stay here. She is an extraordinary caring, funny & wonderful person. Besides she is a fantastic cook! I loved to have a chat with her after school and help her with the cooking. I had great conversations with her and whenever she had the chance she took me to a trip with her family which gave me a real insight in the “Aussie” life-I really appreciated that! I had the luck to have a wonderful decorated, big & clean room of my own. Besides I really appreciated having the opportunity to use the pool or the nearby gym. I was absolutely free to come & go whenever I wanted, but even if I was not home for dinner, there would be a nice meal waiting for me smile

During the last 3 months Carol has become a really close friend to me & I´m sure we will always stay in touch. For me it has become clear that she offers Homestay because she cares about us and not like many others about the money. That´s why she deserves just the best as she has a lot to give!

Greetings and many thanks.